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The Templars

Knights of Christ

Author(s): Reginem Pernoud

ISBN13: 9781586173029

ISBN10: 1586173022

Publisher: Ignatius Press (30 Oct 2009)

Extent: 175 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 2.7 x 12.8 x 20.5 cm

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  • For centuries, historians and novelists have portrayed the Knights Templar as avaricious and power-hungry villains. Who were these medieval monastic knights, whose exploits were the stuff of legend even in their own day? Were these elite crusaders corrupted by their conquests, which amassed them such power and wealth as to become the envy of kings?

    Indignant at the discrepancies between the fantasies, on which writers on history of every kind and hue have indulged themselves without restraint, and the available evidence, Regine Pernoud draws a different portrait of these Christian warriors. From their origins as defenders of pilgrims to the Holy Land to their dramatic finish as heretics burned at the stake, Pernoud offers a concise but thorough account of the Templars contribution to Christendom.

  • Reginem Pernoud

    Régine Pernoud, a renowned French archivist and historian, is among the greatest medievalists of our times, and the success of her books has helped to bring the Middle Ages closer to us. Among her numerous works are Those Terrible Middle Ages! and Women in the Days of the Cathedrals.

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    From Walter Scotts Ivanhoe to Dan Browns The Da Vinci Code, the portrayal of the Templars is as false as it is absurd. This distortion exasperated, and even enraged, the French historian R?®gine Peroud, who has already set right many of our misapprehensions about the Middle Ages. Now in The Templars she rehabilitates the devout Catholic knights, exposing the incredible crop of fanciful allegations attributing to the Templars every kind of esoteric rite and belief, from the most ancient to the most vulgar. . . . As she rightly points out, the truth is accessible in archives and libraries: it is not impossible to uncover the facts. The result is an excellent, unadorned history that is a pleasure to read.

    - Piers Paul Read Author, The Templars: The Dramatic History


The Templars

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