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The Story of Esther

Author(s): Yvonne Fordyce

ISBN13: 9780852313442


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  • This beautifully illustrated childrens book introduces the Old Testament character Esther, the Jewish heroine, whose inspiring story deserves to be more widely known than it usually is.
  • Yvonne Fordyce

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    This is the story of how Esther became queen, and how later, she saved her people.........
    I liked the script, I liked the illustrations and I liked the way the story has been re-told. The story is told in full, giving a true impression of the glories of King Xerxes palace and his absolute authority over all in his extensive empire. When Esther appears before the king without being summoned, you can sense her terror at the wrath her action might provoke and feel relief when the King listens to what she has to say. Those who can read for themselves will enjoy this book and readers for younger ones will enjoy it as much as their listeners.



The Story of Esther

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