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The Secret Book of John

The Gnostic Gospel - Annotated & Explained

Author(s): Stevan Davies

ISBN13: 9780232526509

ISBN10: 0232526508


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  • The Secret Book of John is the most significant and influential text of the ancient Gnostic religion. Part of the library of books found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945, this central myth of Gnosticism tells the story of how God fell from perfect Oneness to imprisonment in the material world, and how by knowing our divine nature and our divine origins , that we are one with God , we reverse Gods descent and find our salvation. This edition presents the complete text in a new translation with insightful yet unobtrusive commentary, drawing connections to Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, kabbalistic Judaism and Sufism. Stevan Davies focuses on the mythology and psychology of the Gnostic religious quest, and the message that divine wholeness will not be restored by worshipping false gods in an illusory material world but by our recognition of the inherent divinity within ourselves.

  • Stevan Davies

    Stevan Davies is Professor of Christian Doctrine at King’s College, London. His many books include The Creativity of God: World, Eucharist, Reason

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The Secret Book of John

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