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The Sadness of Christ

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ISBN13: 9780933932661

ISBN10: 9780933932661

Publisher: SCEPTER (UK) LTD

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  • Sir Thomas More was a lawyer and judge in Renaissance England. He served King Henry VIII in the highest office of Chancellor until he resigned in protest at the actions the king was taking which would destroy the Catholic Church in England sunder it from Rome and eventually lead to further abuses of human and religious rights.This is Mores last work written in the Tower of London while awaiting execution. As the cover painting shows Christs steadfastness in the face of persecution before his own death More turns to Christ as a model of virtue in the face of suffering and persecution. Mores considerations on the passion of Christ show how much he prayed and reflected on the Scriptures and found resolve and comfort in their message.The introduction is by Gerard Wegemer a More scholar and associate professor of English at the University of Dallas.
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The Sadness of Christ

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