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The Rule of Taize

Author(s): Brother Roger

ISBN13: 9780281068272

ISBN10: 0281068275

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian (1 Oct 2012)

Extent: 80 pages

Size: 17.7 x 11.8 x 0.7 cm

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  • For more than fifty years, the international ecumenical community at Taizé has had an enduring and unparalleled attraction for young adults, whether Christian or not. Its roots go back to wartime France, when a young man, who was to become Brother Roger, settled in the impoverished and largely abandoned village of Taizé. He dreamed of beginning a community life of work and prayer among the poor, and quickly found himself looking after Jewish refugees. Later, he and his companions tended German prisoners of war and orphaned children.


    The Community became more visible in 1949, when the first seven Taizé brothers made a lifelong commitment to monastic life. The Rule of Taizé, was written by Brother Roger a few years later and has been a reference point for the Community ever since.


    After Brother Roger’s untimely death on 16th August 2005 – when he was attacked and killed while praying with more than 2,000 young people – the Community republished The Rule in French and later prepared a fresh translation into English. Though written with the Community in mind, this work of deep insight and broad vision is a mine of wisdom for all those seeking to live in harmony with others and with God.

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The Rule of Taize

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