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The Pope's Army: 500 Years of the Papal

Swiss Guard

Author(s): Robert Royal

ISBN13: 9780824523954

ISBN10: 0824523954


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  • With the election of Pope Benedict XVI, the world witnessed the pomp and honor of the Swiss Guard, the "Popes Army." Now best-selling author and Crisis columnist Robert Royal takes us through the colorful 500-year history of the military guard that has witnessed every major Vatican event for half a millennium. Topics include: origins; five hundred years of fortitude; the Medici Popes; the sack of Rome; siege, dissolution, rebirth and the Napoleonic war; the unification of Italy; the Popes imprisonment; two World Wars; the Nazi occupation of Rome.

  • Robert Royal

    Robert Royal is president of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, DC. He holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from the Catholic University of America. He has written, edited or translated over a dozen books, and he lectures frequently on ethics, culture, religion and politics.

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The Pope's Army: 500 Years of the Papal

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