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The Pilgrim's Italy

A Travel Guide to the Saints

ISBN13: 9780971986008

ISBN10: 0971986002

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • The footsteps of pilgrims have echoed continuously through the halls of time, as seekers of all faiths search for deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. The tangible vibrations of the saints and their shrines provide a direct personal experience of Divinity and transform lives. This is the power of pilgrimage.

    Italy has long been the destination of countless pilgrims, yet The Pilgrims Italy is the first comprehensive guide to the spiritual side of this ancient country. This unique guidebook offers all that is needed to visit profound pilgrimage sites, meditate on the lives of saints, and feel their blessings. Through step-by-step instruction, the authors provide simple meditation techniques to enhance the pilgrims experience, as well as a wealth of practical information to make the journey a pleasant one.

    Features include:

    * Inspiring biographies of the saints
    * Location of hidden rooms with saints relics
    * Instruction on how to meditate with the saints
    * How to find quiet areas for meditation and prayer
    * Useful maps and directions
    * Helpful references for lodging in monasteries

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The Pilgrim's Italy

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