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The Passion - New Testament

King James Version

Author(s): John Kohlenberger

ISBN13: 9781565635807

ISBN10: 1565635809

Publisher: Veritas

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  • Perfectly designed to take advantage of intense interest in The Passion of the Christ film, this New Testament will help readers deepen their understanding of Jesus life, death, and resurrection. It includes the complete New Testament in the beloved King James Version, along with several unique features: clear highlighting focuses on passages throughout the New Testament that pertain to Jesus passion. A helpful side-by-side harmony of the Passion narratives from all four Gospels makes it easy to compare and study the different accounts. And a collection of key Old Testament prophecies offers an even fuller picture of Christs passion.Attractively designed and economically priced, The Passion New Testament is an ideal resource for Christians studying the Passion, and the perfect outreach Bible for moviegoers seeking Christ.

  • John Kohlenberger

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The Passion - New Testament