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The Other Side of Love

Dialogues with the Prison Experience of Albert Spe

Author(s): Miriam Pollard

ISBN13: 9780824515621

ISBN10: 0824515625


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  • This remarkable book about the inexhaustible mercy of God uses the life story of Albert Speer, Hitlers architect, as a window to our own souls. The story of Speera man who sold his soul for ambitions sake and later repented and reformedholds startling truths for all of us. Pollard offers profound insights on evil and suffering, denial and self-knowledge, conversion and atonement, and most of all, the unconditional love of God.
  • Miriam Pollard

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    At first glance, Albert Speer seems a surprising subject for meditations on monastic discipline; but, in Miriam Pollards hands, he appears surprisingly apt. That these are meditations on monastic discipline depends on that discipline being understood in a Benedictine sense as continuous conversion, conversion that is grounded in Gods forgiveness and Gods love. That Speer is the subject of the meditations depends on their dialogical form: Pollard engages Speers experience in his cell at Spandau from her experience in the enclosure of a Trappist monastery. Pollard, then, is subject as well; and readers will find themselves engaged in a dialogue with her that sheds surprising light on the enclosures of our own lives and the disciplines by which we order them.

    - Steve Schroeder, Booklist


The Other Side of Love

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