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The New Testament Code

Author(s): Eisenman Robert

ISBN13: 9781842931165

ISBN10: 1842931164


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  • In this long-awaited sequel to "James the Brother of Jesus", Robert Eisenmans extraordinary revelations about the leadership of the early Christian Church cast a revealing light over New Testament documents, with far-reaching implications. Eisenman presents a full examination of Jamess relationship to the "Dead Sea Scrolls", and in revealing the true historical James, he demonstrates how he has also discovered the true historical Jesus. This is the real history of Palestine in the first century. The author exposes the deliberate falsifications of New Testament documents, shwoing the almost absurd and certainly triviliazing way in which Jesus was presented in the Gospels. He describes how Peter, a prototypical Essene, was used - for example, in the Gospels and the "Book of Acts" - as a mouthpiece for anti-Semitism. He decodes many of the esoteric references in the "Scrolls" which found their way into the Gospels, and draws some dramatic conclusions from them. He also explains why the recent, almost miraculously discovered James Ossuary is a fraud. This groundbreaking work of historical detection, with its challenging revelations, will not disappoint Eisenmans many followers.
  • Eisenman Robert

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The New Testament Code

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