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The Message Bible, black distressed leather

Author(s): Eugene H. Peterson

ISBN13: 9781600061516

ISBN10: 1600061516


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  • Written in the rhythms and idiom of todays language, The Message Personal Size brings to life the original biblical text. It allows you to experience firsthand the same relevance and directness that motivated its original readers to change the course of history.


    - exclusive verse numbering system
    - study helps and charts

  • Eugene H. Peterson

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    Improved style, size, and added study features make the completely redesigned Message the contemporary translation of choice.

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  • Chapter One


    How well God must like you- you dont hang out at Sin Saloon, you dont slink along Dead-End Road, you dont go to Smart-Mouth College.

    Instead you thrill to Gods Word, you chew on Scripture day and night. Youre a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month, Never dropping a leaf, always in blossom.

    Youre not at all like the wicked, who are mere windblown dust- Without defense in court, unfit company for innocent people.

    God charts the road you take. The road they take is Skid Row.


    Why the big noise, nations? Why the mean plots, peoples? Earth-leaders push for position, Demagogues and delegates meet for summit talks, The God-deniers, the Messiah-defiers: "Lets get free of God!

    Cast loose from Messiah!" Heaven-throned God breaks out laughing. At first hes amused at their presumption; Then he gets good and angry. Furiously, he shuts them up: "Dont you know theres a King in Zion? A coronation banquet Is spread for him on the holy summit."

    Let me tell you what God said next. He said, "Youre my son, And today is your birthday. What do you want? Name it: Nations as a present? continents as a prize? You can command them all to dance for you, Or throw them out with tomorrows trash."

    So, rebel-kings, use your heads; Upstart-judges, learn your lesson: Worship God in adoring embrace, Celebrate in trembling awe. Kiss Messiah! Your very lives are in danger, you know; His anger is about to explode, But if you make a run for God-you wont regret it!


    A David psalm, when he escaped for his life from Absalom, his son.

    God! Look! Enemies past counting! Enemies sprouting like mushrooms, Mobs of them all around me, roaring their mockery: "Hah! No help for him from God!"

    But you, God, shield me on all sides; You ground my feet, you lift my head high; With all my might I shout up to God, His answers thunder from the holy mountain.

    I stretch myself out. I sleep. Then Im up again-rested, tall and steady, Fearless before the enemy mobs Coming at me from all sides.

    Up, God! My God, help me! Slap their faces, First this cheek, then the other, Your fist hard in their teeth!

    Real help comes from God. Your blessing clothes your people!


    A David psalm

    When I call, give me answers. God, take my side! Once, in a tight place, you gave me room; Now Im in trouble again: grace me! hear me!

    You rabble-how long do I put up with your scorn? How long will you lust after lies? How long will you live crazed by illusion?

    Look at this: look Who got picked by God! He listens the split second I call to him.

    Complain if you must, but dont lash out. Keep your mouth shut, and let your heart do the talking. Build your case before God and wait for his verdict.

    Why is everyone hungry for more? "More, more," they say. "More, more." I have Gods more-than-enough, More joy in one ordinary day

    Than they get in all their shopping sprees. At days end Im ready for sound sleep, For you, God, have put my life back together.


    A David psalm

    Listen, God! Please, pay attention! Can you make sense of these ramblings, my groans and cries? King-God, I need your help. Every morning youll hear me at it again. Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar and watch for fire to descend.

    You dont socialize with Wicked, or invite Evil over as your houseguest. Hot-Air-Boaster collapses in front of you; you shake your head over Mischief-Maker. God destroys Lie-Speaker; Blood-Thirsty and Truth-Bender disgust you.

    And here I am, your invited guest- its incredible! I enter your house; here I am, prostrate in your inner sanctum, Waiting for directions to get me safely through enemy lines.

    Every word they speak is a land mine; their lungs breathe out poison gas. Their throats are gaping graves, their tongues slick as mud slides. Pile on the guilt, God! Let their so-called wisdom wreck them. Kick them out! Theyve had their chance.

    But youll welcome us with open arms when we run for cover to you. Let the party last all night! Stand guard over our celebration. You are famous, God, for welcoming God-seekers, for decking us out in delight.

The Message Bible, black distressed leather

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