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The Mass: A Guided Tour

Author(s): Thomas Richstatter

ISBN13: 9780867166460

ISBN10: 0867166460


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  • "If you are looking for a balanced and comprehensive treatment of what Catholics believe about this sacrament, there are many books which you might find helpful-not the least important of which would be the Catechism of the Catholic Church... But if you are looking for a different type of adventure, get ready to pack your bags, and turn the page." - from the Introduction

    The Mass is a central mystery of our Catholic faith, but that does not mean that everything about it has to be mysterious. In this book Father Thomas Richstatter uses simple, easy-to-understand language to explore and explain the Mass. The result is a guide to what the Mass means to our Catholic faith and how its different elements-the Introductory and Concluding Rites and Liturgies of the Word and the Eucharist-invite us to experience that faith more deeply and express it more fully.

    "At the Mass we actually, really, become present to the mystery we are celebrating. When we remember the sacrifice of Jesus at the Eucharist, we are not simply recalling a past event; we become present to the mystery." - from Chapter Three
  • Thomas Richstatter

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The Mass: A Guided Tour

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