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Thomas Russell 1767 - 1803

Author(s): Denis Carroll

ISBN13: 9781856071307

ISBN10: 1856071308

Publisher: Columba Press

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  • In the bicentennial decade of the United Irishmen, this study examines the life of Thomas Russell, one of Wolfe Tones closest friends, who co-founded the Society of United Irishment both in Belfast and Dublin. "the man from God knows where?" Army officer, magistrate opponent of slavery, deeply moral yet somewhat of a roisterer, Thomas Russell cannot be sketched in black and white. There is a "Russell enigma". Was he merely a dreamer? Or was he a man of invincible attachment to the democratic and republican cause? This book gives an account of the years when the United Irishmen became a mass-based organization. Increasing co-operation between Catholics, Protestants and Dissenters is traced as Russell forwarded the cause of unity through political and organizational endeavour. People began to recognize that their division perpetuated their own oppression. Russells long detention in Newgate, his prison correspondence and his internment in Scotland, all form part of this story. After release in 1802, he joined Irish emigres in Paris. In 1803, his participation in Emmets rising led to his arrest and execution in Downpatrick.
  • Denis Carroll

    Dennis Carroll ha s a continuing interest in justice and environmental issues and was for many years a member of Trócaire’s Executive. At present, he teaches historical theology at Trinity College Dublin. He has written What Is Liberation Theology? And Towards A New Story of the Earth. In 1998, he published a collection of biographical essays on radical Irish clergy entitled Unusual Suspects.

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