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The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel

of Judas Iscariot

Author(s): Herbert Krosney

ISBN13: 9781426200410

ISBN10: 1426200412

Publisher: EASON & SON LTD

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  • This compelling and exhaustively researched account reveals the truth behind one of the greatest Judeo Christian archaeology of the century, a 1,600-year-old papyrus manuscript, or codex, containing the only known surviving Gospel of Judas. With all the skills of an investigative journalist and master storyteller, Herbert Krosney traces the forgotten gospels improbable journey from the sands of the Egyptian desert across three continents, a trek that would take it through the netherworld of the international antiquities trade, until the crumbling papyrus is finally made to give up its secrets.

    Sold twice, lost once and hidden in a safe-deposit box in Long Island for sixteen years, the story of The Gospel of Judass amazing trek from the cavern near the banks of the Nile River reads like a "plot from a Hollywood mystery." Was one of historys greatest villains really one of its greatest heroes? Was Judas Iscariot really Jesus Christs betrayer? With the discovery of the 1,600-year-old Gospel, you can now decide for yourself.

  • Herbert Krosney

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The Lost Gospel: The Quest for the Gospel

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