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The Lifework Principle

Finding Meaning in the 7 Areas of Life that Matter

Author(s): Rick Sarkisian

ISBN13: 9780974396279

ISBN10: 0974396273

Publisher: IGNATIUS PRESS ($)

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  • Many people live as if life were just a series of disconnected events, containing no real meaning and offering no real fulfillment. But you can find satisfaction in life if youre willing to change your perspective and take action. Thats what this book is designed to help you do! In these pages, youll learn to live a deeper, richer, more rewarding life. Not a life of random events, occurring to seemingly- disconnected people, but a life in which you are deeply important and involved. A life that will give you joy, meaning and purpose every moment of every day.

    The LifeWork Principle is an action-oriented approach, not another "pie-in-the-sky" theory. Somehow you know instinctively that theres more to life than just your physical existence. But how do you discover it? How can you fill that gnawing emptiness inside? How can you move from listlessness and confusion to joy and satisfaction? This book will point you in the right direction.

    The LifeWork Principle will help you develop a new perspective on life, and show you how to live each week, each day - each hour! - to its fullest. Youll start to see your life as a unique and unrepeatable role created just for you. And youll begin to experience true joy, real fulfillment and deep satisfaction like you never thought was possible.

  • Rick Sarkisian

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The Lifework Principle

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