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The Lamb Will Conquer

Reflections on the Knock Apparition

Author(s): Nigel Woollen

ISBN13: 9781847307897

ISBN10: 1847307892

Publisher: Veritas Publications (21 March 2017)

Extent: 120 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 180 x 130 mm

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  • In The Lamb Will Conquer, Father Nigel Woollen offers a thoughtful and inspiring meditation on the 1879 apparition at Knock, with particular emphasis on the tableau of statues, depicting the vision, that are located within the Shrine Chapel. With recourse to apt scripture passages, as well as personal reflections, The Lamb Will Conquer provides fresh, consoling insights into the apparition – a joyful ‘revelation of heaven’ – and explores its enduring symbolism both for our Christian forbears and for pilgrims today. This book encourages readers to engage deeply with the message of Knock and to see in it a call to journey compassionately and lovingly with our neighbours in Christ.

  • Nigel Woollen

    Father Nigel Woollen, originally from London, was ordained a Catholic priest in Ars, France, at the Shrine of St John Vianney, in 1996. He studied biblical theology in Rome and worked for some years in retreat centres in France and Italy. He came to Ireland as a chaplain in Knock in 2003 and is currently curate (associate pastor) at Knock Shrine.

  • Difficult to put down, deeply insightful and vey enlightening.
    Review by Martini
    I must say after reading this book and its reflections I found I couldn't put it down. So filled with deep insights, major teachings, all backed up with clear scripuaral references and articulated in a such a special way that it makes a jam packed book of amazing insights, stories and accounts such an easy read from start to finish.
    The chapter on "The Lamb" is beautifully illustrated and the last paragraph on page 98 and the first paragraph of page 99 was for me ( and I'm sure for many) a deeply personal realisation of patterns of crisis in our own lives and our personal relationship with the Lord.
    This is one of those books I will love to return to again and again.. (Posted on 22/05/2017)

    Review by Raymond Surepath
    A must read.
    Looking forward to his next book. (Posted on 17/05/2017)

    Heartily Recommended
    Review by Paddy Bonzo
    What an extraordinary, inspiring book! Fr. Woollen's beautiful meditation on the 1879 Knock apparition encompasses the whole sweep of the gospel message. Reading through this delightful book, I felt that I was being invited, like the witnesses present at the apparition, to gaze upon the Lamb of God, together with the inspiring figures of Mary, Joseph and John the Apostle, that I might be drawn into the very heart of the Trinity! The message of this book - the gospel message of God's infinite love for his children - is as relevant today as ever. Fr. Woollen has a wonderful gift for presenting profound spiritual truths in ways that are engaging and easily understood. Heartily recommended. (Posted on 08/05/2017)

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