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The Journey of Discipleship

A Reading of the Gospels

Author(s): Pierre Simson

ISBN13: 9781871552935

ISBN10: 1871552931


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  • The Journey of Discipleship is a book of reflection on what the Bible teaches about being a disciple of Jesus. Jesus call of his first disciples is a call to embark on a journey: Come, follow me.

    A journey is so often a succession of thrusts forward and of setbacks. There are times when we decide to sit down rather than walk on; times when we prefer to take short-cuts instead of following the austere main road; and short-cuts, so often too, take us away from the road altogether, and we can waste time and energy walking at random. But all that is part of the venture of a journey, and certainly part of the venture of the journey of discipleship.

  • Pierre Simson

    Pierre Simson, also author of Do This in Memory of Me, has taught Scripture in North Africa, East Africa, Jerusalem, London and Dublin.

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The Journey of Discipleship

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