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The Jesus Who Was, The Jesus Who Is

Author(s): Joseph OHanlon

ISBN13: 9781856074797

ISBN10: 185607479X


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  • Psalm 136 is a psalm for slow learners. It is a song which sings of God from the dawning of creation to the giving of our daily bread. It is long, as any catalogue of Gods goodness must be long. The song leaps from one gift of Gods open hand to the next, in a cascade of giving that calls for a chorus. And the chorus is repeated with all the affrontery of an old come-all-ye. It is repeated twenty-six times. Twenty-six times we are invited to join in the song: Gods steadfast love endures forever! Psalm 136 is a psalm for slow learners. What this book tries to do is to sing the song again. These are dark days, days when many we know and love walk away from Christian Churches because they have not found there the God whose steadfast love endures for them forever and amen. Those of us who remain are battered and storm-tossed and, like St Paul, are daily made aware that we carry faith in vessels of clay. Fragile faith, faith like mine, which at the next shattering storm, may crack, needs to shout with the men in the boat, "Teacher, dont you care that we are perishing?" And hope theres an answer from the man asleep. Where is Gods steadfast love?
    What the author wishes to ask is where the gift of Gods heart is to be found in our time and in our place. Nobody has a bad word to say about the man from Nazareth who went about doing good. Few have a good word to say about the Churches which seek to perpetuate his name on this earth. How can we rehabilitate who we are, who we claim to be, so that the Jesus who was may live again in our time and in our place?

  • Joseph OHanlon

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The Jesus Who Was, The Jesus Who Is

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