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The Jesus Conspiracy

The Life and Inevitable Crucifixion of Jesus

Author(s): Thomas Gordon

ISBN13: 9780745951850

ISBN10: 0745951856


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  • Nearly 2,000 years after his death, Jesus is still the subject of great debate. Was he really the Son of God, a prophet or just a good man? Did he really rise from the dead? The Jesus Conspiracy is a gripping retelling of Jesus life in a novelistic style by a top investigative journalist, from his birth in unusual circumstances to his death on the cross and rumours of the resurrection. Having sold over 800,000 copies worldwide, this book is now available with a striking new cover for Easter 2005. The story begins with the extraordinary pregnancies of the ageing Elizabeth and the young virgin Mary, before detailing Jesus baptism and his teachings and ministry. The reader is introduced to key characters in the plot against Jesus: the Emperor Tiberius, Pontius Pilate, Herod and Caiaphas. The narrative gathers pace as it moves into the events of the first Easter week and the plans to capture and kill Jesus. The final third of the book covers Jesus trial - the focal point of the book - and his death, from the eye witness perspectives of disciples, Pharisees, bystanders and others.This fastmoving narrative will be a compelling read for anyone who is curious about the character of Jesus and the events of the first Easter, as well as all those seeking new perspectives on the familiar story.

  • Thomas Gordon

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The Jesus Conspiracy

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