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The Jesse Box - Pentecost Story Manual

Bible Stories Come Alive

ISBN13: 9781910371121

ISBN10: 1910371122

Publisher: The Jesse Box Publishers

Extent: 33 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 21x 27 x 0.3 cm

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  • A creative way to make the nativity story come alive for children in the classroom!


    The Pentecost Story Manual contains the scenery, characters and lessons to teach and re-enact this Salvation History story in the Jesse Box diorama.


    The separate Activity Resource book provides activities and games related to the story for each student to perform.


    There are 7 beautiful stories to choose from and all use the Jesse Box diorama and wooden figures to re-enact and display the story.


    Session 1: Mount Sinai
    With the covenant on Mount Sinai God revealed that his people “shall be his own possession among all the peoples”. On Mount Sinai the Israelites received the Torah, the first five books of the Bible containing the Ten Commandments. The law was difficult for the people to follow. 
    In the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 1963) the Church teaches that the law is imperfect as it shows what must be done but does not give the grace to fulfill it.Throughout salvation history we can see that from the beginning of Creation God has been working on the hearts of his people.


    Session 2: The Descent of the Holy Spirit
    After the Resurrection the apostles were frightened and confused. They were contemplating the events since they had met Jesus. They remembered how Jesus called them to follow him, his message, the miracles worked by him, and what he said at the Last Supper. Who were the apostles when Jesus called them? They were fishermen, tax collectors and zealots. They had all, except for John, run away from the cross. Peter denied Jesus in front of a young servant girl who recognized him. Just a short while before, two of the apostles had asked for a place of power sitting at his right and left. The apostles had witnessed the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus, yet they were limited.


    Session 3: The Birth of the Church

    After receiving the Holy Spirit, Peter began to proclaim the message of Jesus with zeal. Peter stood in the midst of the people of Israel, proclaiming that the man they had killed was the Messiah. Yet it was scandalous to the Israelites that the man whom had been crucified on the cross could be considered the Messiah.Yet, again through the power of the Holy Spirit, those who were present were able to listen. Clement of Alexandria says that faith comes from listening. After the people listened to the apostles they were converted and baptized.

  • Paul Barnes

    Paul is married to Sheila they have six children and a lot of Godchildren. For Paul and Sheila passing faith to their children has been their first priority. This can be seen in their children and the warm and welcoming atmosphere of their home, where there is always time for the visitor and a helping hand if needed. The Bible stories that Paul's father told him as a child stay with him to this day and inspired the Jesse Box project. Paul loves hiking and has cycled his bike thousands of miles. His background is in fine art papers and the invitation printing business. Paul has a great eye for detail and communications. He looks after the business side of the Jesse Box.

    Sebastian Kraszkiewicz

    Sebastian is married to Sinead and they have two children, the apples of his eye. He studied history and education in college in his native Poland and came to live in Ireland in 2007. Sebastian and Sinead are involved in the Neo-Catechumenate for years and are a family on mission in the west of Ireland. Sebastian's enthusiasm to live by and spread the Gospel can be contagious and encouraging to all who meet him.

    Beta França

    Beta is married to Eunan and they have one son Tadgh. She’s the artist. She’s incredibly gifted. A qualified architect and graphic designer, she prefers making art using mixed media or recycling objects of all sorts, in a very Brazilian way. She spent her childhood making things from paper and when it comes to the Jesse Box , she says it brought all her skills together.

    Gerry Malone

    Gerry is married to Anne, they have seven children and seven grandchildren. Gerry writes the material for The Jesse Box. He and Anne have been involved in Faith formation and Pastoral evangelisation for the past twenty years. Gerry’s favourite Bible quote are the words of St Paul Philippians 4:11-13 “In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me …..” He lives with his family in the Wicklow Mountains, the garden of Ireland, along the route of St. Kevin’s way. If you’re doing a pilgrimage here be sure to drop in for a cup of tea and a chin wag (Irish for a good chat).

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    The Jesse Box is a wonderful resource for making Scripture come alive for children. Enabling teachers to engage in creative and imaginative play with concrete materials, the Jesse Box provides an affordable means of introducing contemporary methods in religious education to your classroom practice.

    - Anne Hession, Lecturer in Religious Education, St. Patrick’s College, Dublin


    I was so impressed by The Jesse Box. It is ingenious and really child and family friendly.I think that you could use this idea for all kinds of faith formation and pastoral work with children. Adults might enjoy the process too! I am involved in RE in primary schools and I think the schools would love such a resource. I can’t wait to use the Jesse Box in Mary Immaculate College with students who are being formed as teachers. I’ll definitely use this with my own kids.

    - Dr. Patricia Kieran, Department of Learning, Society, and Religious Education, Faculty of Education, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick


    The Jesse Box is an attractive resource for children in the home or school. At home the endeavour of constructing the characters through craft work brings a sense of ownership and anticipation for children. The mystery of the characters unfolds in the stories which can be enacted over and over again. Parents and children can explore the stories together in a creative and engaging way. In schools or church settings, the Jesse Box can serve as a valuable resource for telling bible stories to children. Every school (indeed every classroom) would benefit from having the Jesse Box as a resource for Religious Education.

    - Cora O’Farrell, Lecturer in Religious Education, St Patrick’s College, Dublin

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The Jesse Box - Pentecost Story Manual

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