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The International Eucharistic Congress 2012

A Celebration in Pictures and Words

ISBN13: 9781847304100

ISBN10: 1847304109

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 96 pages

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 210mm x 297mm

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  • The International Eucharistic Congress 2012:


    This record in pictures and words of the 50th International Eucharistic Congress is proffered as a souvenir of the great event held in Dublin in June 2012. Giving a flavour of the proceedings in images, it also seeks to record the popular esteem in which the event was received and held by all those who attended it.


    To this end there appears throughout reminiscences from some of those present at different events and in different capacities throughout the week. Likewise, the photographs included endeavour to portray the national and international flavour of the Congress, as well as documenting in some small detail the great opening and closing Masses in the RDS and Croke Park. 


    50th International Eucharistic Congress DVD:

    The Congress has produced a Special Commemorative DVD , that includes the full Opening Ceremony followed by Mass (RDS) and the Closing Ceremony followed by Mass (Croke Park). The DVD will be released on the 9th November and is available to be ordered through the RTE website, and other outlets such as Veritas, Golden Discs, HMV, Tesco, Xtravision, Tower Records and Celtic Note.




    The 50th International Eucharistic Congress surpassed the expectations of all of us and brought to those who were present at it, or associated with it, a renewed sense of pride in belonging to the Church.


    Those of us who had the possibility of attending the Congress experienced something which went beyond our expectations. We experienced something of the life of the Church and of the renewal that is taking place in the Church through the working of Gods Spirit.


    These DVDs of the Opening Ceremony and the Statio Orbis tell the story of that experience in images which are, so often, more powerful than words. They convey something of the experience of real participation in the celebration of the Eucharist, a participation which extended beyond the Mass itselt to the silent adoration and the evening Eucharistic Procession. They capture something of the hunger for renewal of faith which led thousands of people to stand in line to take part in workshops.


    Last but not least, they reveal to us over and over again the diversity of the Church, the simple joy of being together which is reflected on the faces of volunteers and pilgrims alike and the spirit of communion which was so evident among them, in spite of the differences of language and culture.


    We face many challenges as Catholics and Christians, but we have much to be proud of and much for which to give thanks.

    - Most Reverend Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland, 

    President of the 50th Internat4nal Eucharistic Congress 2012


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    A souvenir of the recent Eucharistic Congress, this is an attractive production which is generously illustrated with photographs of the participants from around the world and the various branches of the church. Many different national costumes are on show as well as the ordinary and ceremonial garb of the clergy. The space in between the groups of photographs is taken up with comments from those who participated or witnessed the event in some capacity. Editors of such books tend to feel that captions are necessary even when it is perfectly clear what the photographs show. Hooray then for Veritas' decision to let the pictures tell their own story. lt makes a picture book that you can enjoy without having to readjust the receptive faculties. The Congress last came to lreland in 1932 and as a bonus there is collection of black-and-white photos of that occasion.

    Books Ireland, February 2013

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