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The Great Magdalens: Famous Women Who Returned to God

Author(s): Hugh Francis Blunt

ISBN13: 9780895558374

ISBN10: 0895558378


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  • The Great Magdalens. Here are over 20 true stories of women who had been guilty of adultery, murder, fornication and abortion, plus engaged in hatred, envy, lying and other sins yet found forgiveness, mercy, healing and peace through Our Lord Jesus Christ. These women were as passionate in atonement as they had formerly been in sin. Some had been rejected by their partners in sin; others had to make a supreme effort and tear themselves away. Some had children. Some were punished by civil law. Some had to turn their backs on riches. Some had to disentangle themselves from political relationships. But all converted and spent the rest of their lives doing penance a pattern that will be repeated till the End of Time by many other Great Magdalens.
  • Hugh Francis Blunt

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The Great Magdalens: Famous Women Who Returned to God

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