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The Gospel of John DVD (180mins)

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  • Without a doubt the best acted, most well produced and believable portrayal of any biblical events in a long time, this is a perfect movie to give away, both for its educational and spiritual content. Like Acts and Matthew it follows a word-for-word format, this time from the American Bible Societies Good News translation of the scriptures. Although many might prefer the King James version the version chosen here works very well for a feature film in portraying real-life interactions.

    Henry Ian Cusick, star of the TV series Lost gives a stunning performance of Jesus in the meticulously recreated era of first century Israel during a time of tumultuous events that changed the course of history. With a cast of over 2,500 people and narrated by Christopher Plummer, this film is a vivid, faithful and powerful dramatization of the Biblical text. Highly recommended.
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The Gospel of John DVD (180mins)

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