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The God Shift Our changing perception of

the Ultimate Mystery

Author(s): Adrian Smith

ISBN13: 9781904148470

ISBN10: 1904148476


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  • Smith, a Catholic missionary priest, examines thirteen factors in our contemporary life which he believes require a shift in our perception of God - a shift which will ultimately make the reality of God central to our lives again. Smith believes that the Western world is becoming less and less religious but more and more spiritual, and that increasingly people no longer look to the traditional Churches for spiritual nourishment. It is to these people that Adrian Smith offers this book. He argues that there is no one way of relating to God and that each of us must make that discovery for ourselves.
  • Adrian Smith

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    Smith, a Catholic missionary priest and author of The Christ, A Reason for Living and Hoping, and other books, has written an interesting reevaluation of traditional Catholic theologies, offering up 13 "factors" that require change in order for a "new paradigm" of human religion to emerge. Plainly influenced by Britains radical humanists (but not quite of their color) and by Teilhard de Chardin as well, Smith concludes his work in a mystical vision of the future that is somewhat reminiscent of that of medieval mystic Joachim de Fiore. Readers who persist in this complex book will be rewarded. For most collections. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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The God Shift  Our changing perception of