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The Family Tree

Bronze and Cast Iron Wall Plaque

Size: 23 x 9 cm

Colour: Bronze

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  • The Tree epitomizes Life itself, with its roots drawing up nourishment from the earth, its trunk soaring skyward & its branches reaching out towards the heavens. It is also a symbol of family & relationship: the Family Tree connects us to our past, rooting us in the ground from which we have come; the flowering branches speak of our future, new possibilities, & the next generations; the trunk is where we are now, bridging past & future, weathering changes. The trunk is the individual, while the roots & branches link us to the larger system of the planet, the extended human family to which we all belong. In a real sense all life is inter-related.

    We are caught in a network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    An original design by Joanna Scott-McCarthy, one of our co-founder's daughters.


    The Wild Goose Studio


    Since its foundation in 1970, Wild Goose Studio has sought its inspiration in Ireland's history, poetry and mythology. From the beginning, a group of skilled craft-workers in Kinsale, Co. Cork has maintained the tradition of high quality as the range of images has grown. The early experimental spirit of cofounders Brian Scott-McCarthy and Kathleen Smyth remains to this day as Wild Goose broadens its horizons and expands its offering of award-winning gifts for friends, family and for you.


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The Family Tree

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