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The Exile and the Prophet's Wife

Author(s): Johanna Stiebert

ISBN13: 9780814651773

ISBN10: 0814651771


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  • Although Ezekiels wife was a member of an elite group, she was exiled, along with her husband and other members of Jerusalems high society, to Babylon. By interfacing ideological and psychoanalytical biblical criticisms, Johanna Stiebert removes Ezekiels unnamed wife from the sidelines and uses her to explore fringe-fanatic religious practices and Ezekiels mental state during the exile in The Exile and the Prophets Wife.

    The Exile and the Prophets Wife brings the traumatic events of 597 B.C.E. to life by giving a clear picture of the historical period, Hebrew people, Jerusalem Temple Cult of ancient Israel, and worship practices in Babylon. Students using this book in the classroom will have a valuable resource for historical information and two contemporary methods of biblical criticism.

    Chapters in The Exile and the Prophets Wife include Chapter 1 Background, Chapter 2 Worship in Jerusalem and Babylon, Chapter 3 The Phenomenon of Prophecy, Chapter 4 Ideological Criticism, Chapter 5 Psychoanalytical Criticism, as well as a summary and conclusion.

  • Johanna Stiebert

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    . . . the book is very easy to read. It makes no presumptions about the biblical knowledge of its readers, and it presents both positive and negative aspects of the two methodologies. The testimony of Ezekiels wife is creative and provocative.

    - The Furrow

    "Stieberts volume humanizes a period of Israelite history that begs for an appreciation of the ordinary individuals who tend to be overlooked in the grand sweep of historical events."

    - Cistercian Studies Quarterly

    "The short book, like all the titles in the Interface Series is strongly recommended both as a text for Bible study classes and personal reading by those wishing to better understand the Babylonian Exile."

    - Catholic Library World

    "Johanna Stiebert offers us a prophet in need of psychoanalysis, a marginalized wife given voice, and a biblical text which may surprise the unwary. This provocative and instructive study combines a useful introduction to contemporary biblical scholarship with a reading of Ezekiel which will raise a few eyebrows, if not hackles! Not for the timid, but rewarding for those open to new approaches. I strongly recommend this addition to a useful series."

    - Alastair Hunter, Msc, BD, PhD, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


The Exile and the Prophet's Wife

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