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The Enneagram

Author(s): Simon Parke

ISBN13: 9780745953144

ISBN10: 074595314


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  • The Enneagram is a time-honoured way of understanding personality types and human behavior. It is both ancient and modern. Developed over 1500 years ago by both Sufi and Christian mystics, it was overhauled in the 20th century by the disciplines and insights of Western psychology. It identifies nine types of personality, nine different ways of being, and is widely used today as a perceptive guide to self-understanding. In this original and enticing book, Enneagram comes to life, speaking directly to us, as he unveils his insights in the form of letters to and from enquirers. These finely-drawn portraits of the nine faces of humanity will not only draw you into deeper self-understanding, but also guide you through the complex inner world of others.
  • Simon Parke

      Daily Mail columnist Simon Parke spent twenty years as a priest in the Church of England, and three years working in a supermarket, stacking shelves and contemplating the meaning of life. He has written extensively, producing award winning scripts for TV and radio, and a collection of novels. Simon runs, leads retreats, meets with people looking for a new way in their life, and follows the beautiful game.

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The Enneagram

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