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The Enemies of Excellence

7 Reasons Why We Sabotage Success

Author(s): Greg Salciccioli

ISBN13: 9780824526269

ISBN10: 0824526260

Publisher: Crossroad Publishing

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  • Leadership is more than building best practices. It's overcoming the ob­stacles that undermine success.      

    From the boardroom to the break room, every organization needs ef­fective leaders. But everywhere we look, we see problems-from poor performance to high-profile scandals-that show how challenged lead­ers are today. Witnessing these downfalls, we are tempted to lose faith in the value of leadership itself.

    The Enemies of Excellence offers a bold solution to this crisis. Drawing from his experience in coaching corporate and not-for-profit leaders, Coach Greg offers real-life stories and observations that reveal the pat­terns of sabotage affecting all leaders. He paints a vivid picture of how the 7 Enemies of Excellence build on one another, from seemingly every­day weaknesses to the ones that destroy organizations and even nations.

    Coach Greg then offers you tested and practical questions, tools, and exercises you can use immediately to break through these barriers and achieve the success you so urgently need-for your own life and the lives of all who rely on you to succeed.

  • Greg Salciccioli

    Greg Salciccioli is a co-founder and head coach for Ministry Coaching, International, a company dedicated to encouraging and equipping leaders in their personal and professional life. In the past 10 years Greg has been a reg­ular speaker at leadership conferences and has individually coached hundreds of business and ministry leaders in life planning, vision development, team building, strategic growth and priority management. As an avid outdoorsman, Greg is a graduate of Vanguard Univer­sity and lives in Bend, Oregon, with his wife Dianna.

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The Enemies of Excellence

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