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The End of Suffering

Author(s): Joseph Girzone

ISBN13: 9781626980259

ISBN10: 162698025X

Publisher: Orbis Books (30 Jun 2013)

Extent: 192 Pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 24 x 0.8 x 15.2 cm

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  • This is a book of Christian hope and inspiration for anyone who suffers, and that is all of us. It offers practical wisdom for those who suffer from: guilt; loneliness; physical pain; abuse; loss; low self-esteem; anxiety and fear.


    As difficult a problem as suffering is for us to understand, writes the author, this book is a modest attempt to try to help myself as well as others to approach this impossible phenomenon in a way in which we can at least see some beneficial and positive purposes flowing from our suffering.

  • Joseph Girzone

    Joseph Girzone, an international bestselling writer, is the author of the popular and inspirational Joshua books, which are an imaginative telling of the life of Jesus. It is estimated that more than forty million people in the U.S. have read those books. In 1995 Girzone established the Joshua Foundation, "an organization dedicated to making Jesus better known throughout the world." He retired from the active priesthood in 1981 and has devoted his life to writing about Jesus. He lives in Altamont, New York and blogs at

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    This is a book of faith and hope. Using stories of his mown life and many others, Girzone describes how Jesus ,the Good Sheperd, is always with us, present in our suffering. The stories are real and anyone can relate to them. Surrender to the Divine Healer is the hope that he gives to those who suffer, often alone.

     - Adele Gonzalez


    In The End of Suffering, Father Girzone explores the presence of suffering in his own life and in his pastoral ministry . Speakng from the heart- with gentleness and conviction- he shares stories of pain and loss, of personal tragedy and social distress of, of hope and transformation. The witness of these courageous lives, and Girzone's compassionate response, encourages us all to 'go and do likewise'.

     - Evelyn Eaton & James Whitehead


The End of Suffering

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