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The Disturbing Freshness of Christ

ISBN13: 9781847301505

ISBN10: 1847301509

Publisher: Veritas

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  • Originally presented as a lecture at the National Religious Education Congress I Arise Today in October 2007, this book discusses the positive and negative sides of a new Irish post-modernity.

    The title The Disturbing Freshness of Christ is intended to point to a key issue sometimes forgotten in our more external debates about church or religion. This book seeks to go beyond a merely sociological account of the new context to a more cultural and pastoral-theological reading of the situation. Beside glittering success, religion can seem old-fashioned, boring and alien in the eyes of many , like a dying language. Through this, we are challenged to imagine a different quality of Christian commitment.

  • Michael Paul Gallagher

    Michael Paul Gallagher wrote several books on faith and contemporary culture, including Faith Maps, Clashing Symbols and Dive Deeper. He was a lecturer in modern literature at University College Dublin before going to Rome where he was rector of the Bellarmino College and professor of fundamental theology at the Gregorian University. He died in November 2015.

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    Michael Paul Gallagher SJ has long been gifted in engaging young adults searching for a spiritual path or inner fulfilment. In his brief, recently published lecture The Disturbing Freshness of Christ he looks beyond the Church beset by scandals and falling adherents to the deeper crisis that has left the gospel in danger of becoming a dying language to future generations. His approach is positive, indicating strengths and possibilities rather than the doom and disaster which others predict.

    He explores the crucial context of culture in our lives and in particular how it has resulted in a fragile identity among young people today most of whom are alienated from Christian religious traditions. A brief yet compelling argument for imagination and narrative as the primary evangelising tools in the face of ultimate mystery for a new language for faith.

    - Fr Paul Clayton-Lea Clogherhead, Co Louth, Intercom, February 2010


The Disturbing Freshness of Christ

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