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The Curious Fox

Illustrated by Conor O’Brien

ISBN13: 9781847306821

ISBN10: 1847306829

Publisher: Veritas Publications (10 June 2016)

Extent: 32 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 21.3 x 0.5 x 24.4 cm

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  • Once upon a time there was a fox cub, who awoke one morning with ‘something puzzling on his mind’...


    In this exquisitely illustrated story, told in rhyming couplets, a curious little fox embarks on an extraordinary journey to discover his own unique attribute. Following touching encounters with a colourful peacock, a speedy hare and a stunning tiger – among an unforgettable host of wild creatures – our hero learns an invaluable life lesson, as well as making some exciting new friends!

  • Ross McDonagh

    Born and bred in Dublin, where he worked as Senior Reporter for the late Metro Herald, Ross McDonagh packed up his things and left for the sunnier shores of Los Angeles where he married a Californian girl, interviewed every celebrity he could find, and now serves as Showbiz Reporter for He lives in Baldwin Hills with his wife Monica and their three sons, Esteban, Salvador and Xavier. The Curious Fox is his first book.

    Conor M. O’Brien

    Having illustrated his first book at fourteen, Conor M. O’Brien went on to study Model Making and Design for Film, TV and Media in Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and Animation in Ballyfermot College of Further Education. He has worked on IFTA-award-winning short animation Geist, CBBC’s Go Jetters, and Emmy-nominated Octonauts. He feels privileged to work in a field that he loves, and continues to draw every day.

  • When I looked at it first it did not seem to be a book that was old enough for me as it is a picture book. I have stored away most of my older picture books as I have moved on to other books....For an older reader like me there is a bigger story. There is a moral to the story. It's good. I won't spoil the story but there is an important lesson learned by the Fox, who is the main character in the book. I liked that the story was told in rhyming lines and the drawings inside the book are brilliant. This would be a good book for a teacher to read to her class and for parents and grandparents to read with their kids too.

    - Cathal (aged 11)


    Ross McDonagh's debut book, The Curious Fox, is a delightful and beautifully written children's book that little ones are sure to love.

    The story follows a fox cub who goes on an adventure after waking one morning with "something puzzling on his mind."


    The exquisitely illustrated story is told in rhyming couplets, and sees the curious little fox cub embarking on an extraordinary journey to discover his own unique attribute. 


    Following touching encounters with a colourful peacock, a speedy hare and a stunning tiger - among an unforgettable host of wild creatures - our hero learns invaluable life lesson, and makes some delightful new friends. 


    Ross is well known for being the Daily Mail's showbiz reporter, and living in LA he has met a host of celebrities from Jim Carrey to Colin Farrell. 



    A young fox wonders how he can discover what makes him unique in this big world.After Fox wakes up he asks himself, "I wonder if I have a feature / that sets me 'part from other creatures?" Leaving his mother asleep in their den, he decides to find out. Fox recalls that whenever he has had any problem his first instinct is to sniff the problem out. He figures it must be his nose that makes him special, until he meets a hog with such a spectacular nose his own seems puny in comparison.


    The kindly hog agrees his nose is useful, but he yearns for a longer neck—rather like Fox's. Encouraged, Fox continues feeling good about his neck until he meets…a giraffe! The story continues with Fox meeting creature after creature, all of which have better attributes than he. Tail down, he goes home and tells mother, "This day has been the worstest ever!" Mammy Fox consoles him but also guides him to understand how his remarkable journey has taught him important life lessons.


    McDonagh's gentle rhyming couplets weave a sense of warmth into this Irish import, which is longer than what many North American readers will be accustomed to, frequently offering eight four-line stanzas in a double-page spread. O'Brien's evocative illustrations balance the tone of the text. Young readers who wonder about their own individuality will easily identify with Fox's quest. Compassionate and imaginative (Picture book. 5-9) 


    - Kirkus Reviews Clipping 

    Amazing read, with a hidden lesson to learn for both young & old
    Review by CJ Dempsey
    I am reading The Curious Fox to my 4 and 2 year old. They love guessing what unique feature the fox will look for on each page, and guess what animal he will next encounter. The end of the story leaves a lasting message to us all and reminds us of what is important in life. (Posted on 22/06/2016)

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