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The Church Breaks Bread

CD 410

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  • This important new collection continues the groundbreaking work initiated by the renowned composers in their earlier effort, The Church Gathers.

    Haugen and Daigle have carefully woven together familiar and proven liturgical music to craft meaningful ritual prayer that results in a truly integrated, engaging, and collaborative effort between liturgical ministers. Each song in this beautiful collection provides one model of how the communion rite may be executed. Music ranges from such traditional titles as "Silent Night" and "Dona Nobis Pacem" to established contemporary hymns such as "I Am the Bread of Life," "Look Beyond," and "Now in This Banquet."

    Every song and hymn in this collection is utilized to bridge a unified communion rite from fraction to postcommunion canticle and the prayer after communion. Each brilliant adaptation profoundly enhances the communion rite by offering music that is known and loved in such a manner that it contributes to a complete understanding and full participation in the rite and its song.

    1. We Remember - Communion Rite
    2. Gifts Of Finest Wheat - Communion Rite
    3. May We Be One - Communion Rite
    4. Let Us Break Bread Together - Communion Rite
    5. We Are Many Parts - Communion Rite
    6. Now In This Banquet - Communion Rite
    7. I Am The Bread Of Life - Communion Rite
    8. Silent Night - Communion Rite
    9. Taste And See - Communion Rite
    10. Take And Eat - Communion Rite
    11. Look Beyond - Communion Rite
    12. Come And Eat This Bread - Communion Rite
    13. Dona Nobis Pacem - Communion Rite

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The Church Breaks Bread

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