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Author(s): Thomas Peters

ISBN13: 9780898707571

ISBN10: 0898707579


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  • A new look at imagination and the arts from the point of view of G.K. Chesterton. Chesterton had the rare gift of being able to understand situations from the "inside". A poet, a story-teller, a novelist, a playwright, and an illustrator, Chesterton had much of value to say about the arts, imagination, and the Christian faith.

  • Thomas Peters

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    Peters (Battling for the Modern Mind: A Beginners Chesterton, 1994) has written a potentially timely book, but one which suffers from a plodding hand. Chesterton, writing from 1900 to 1936, ingeniously and hilariously engaged Londons great literary figures and social politicians in "duels" over the state and truth of Christianity, moral relativism and scientific determinism. Peters attempts to explain how Chestertons uniquely Christian imagination enhanced his arguments. Unfortunately, Peters opaquely imbeds his ideas in a list-like series of densely discussed philosophical, religious and aesthetic topics, barely connected by the words "artist" and "imagination." While Chesterton speaks of imagination in ordinary terms, Peters pontificates beyond, trying to show how "Christian" Chesterton and these concepts are by giving parallels from the Bible to which Chesterton never alludes. (For example, "childlike wonder" supposedly relates to Jesus reference to "the nearness of the child to the kingdom of God.") In addition, Peters indiscriminately mixes quotations from Chestertons pre-Christian and post-Christian works as if they were all written from a Christian perspective. Readers new to Chesterton will find this a boring, confusing book, uneasily dependent upon Peterss sometimes unconvincing explanations and almost unreadable in places. A better choice is Alzina Stone Dales engaging, excellent The Art of G.K. Chesterton (1985), which delightfully combines a biography of Chesterton with an insightful treatise on his art.

    - Publishers Weekly



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