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The Catholic Kid's Guide to Stewardship

Author(s): Elizabeth Johnson

ISBN13: 9781585952922

ISBN10: 1585952923


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  • Kids are amazing! Show them real need, appeal to their generous hearts, and they will surprise you with their creativity and perseverance in doing good for others. The Catholic Kids Guide to Stewardship is based on the seven corporal works of mercy on the belief that even the youngest child can make a difference. The author has collected here some memorable and touching true stories of what kids have accomplished - and are still accomplishing! She centers each chapter on Scripture and the teachings of Jesus, offering passages kids can read on their own or with their families.

    Also included are idea starters that suggest ways kids can be stewards, depending on their age, gifts, and inclination. Each chapter also contains a Note to Parents and Catechists, emphasizing practical points to watch for or to discuss with children, plus a Stewardship Prayer. The book concludes with a chapter on stewardship resources. Written for ages 9 to 12, The Catholic Kids Guide to Stewardship provides inspiration not only for children but for adults as well. An invaluable resource for religious educators and parents!
  • Elizabeth Johnson

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The Catholic Kid's Guide to Stewardship

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