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The Catholic Companion to the Angels

ISBN13: 9780879465315

ISBN10: 087946531X

Publisher: ACTA Publications (1 Aug. 2014)

Extent: 92 pages

Binding: Paperback

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  • Have you encountered an angel today? There's a good change you've seen one on a shelf in a gift shop, on a pedestal in a garden or cemetary, or even in the form of a pin on someone's lapel. Mary Kathleen Glavich wonders if angels are amused by the way we depict them as lovely young girls playing instruments and as sweet, chubby babies with wings. These popular images, while charming and comforting, do not always relfect the rich history and powerful presence of angels in biblical narratives, Church tradition, and personal experience. 
    In The Catholic Companion to the Angels, Mark Kathleen Glavich examines Old Testament, New Testament, and deuterocanonical references to angels; describes the attributes and activities of these heavenly beings in varioud cultures, traditions and art; and shares experiences of the saints and ordinary people. The addition of websites, quotations, prayers, and useful tips makes it a valuable resource for prayer, reflection, and group discussion. 

  • Mary Kathleen Glavich

      Mary Kathleen Glavich, a Sister of Notre Dame, is an author, editor, and national speaker from Cleveland, Ohio. Besides writing more than 50 books on religious education and spirituality, she has worked on five textbook series. In the past, she has taught every grade from first to twelfth. Currently she is a pastoral associate at St. Dominic Parish, and likes to play the piano, read, and crochet.

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The Catholic Companion to the Angels

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