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The Catholic Church The First 2000 Years

Author(s): Martha Rasmussen

ISBN13: 9780898709698

ISBN10: 0898709695

Publisher: IGNATIUS PRESS ($)

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  • This book is a popular overview and study guide to the history of the Catholic Church. Written for non-scholarly readers with little historical background, it includes descriptions of society in different historical eras in order to make the history of the Church more understandable. The book explains important doctrinal, spiritual, and historical questions and developments. It identifies many popular saints and includes interesting historical characters.

    Catholics seeking a deeper spiritual life and a closer relationship with God will find many helpful ideas to trust Gods love and care for them. The story of how the Church survived earlier trials will encourage people struggling with current challenges in the Church or discouraged by difficulties in their own lives.

    This book is useful in RCIA and religious education classes, for personal study, Catholic high school or college classes, or discussion groups.

  • Martha Rasmussen

    Martha Rasmussen received a Master’s Degree in Medieval History from the University of Colorado. She has taught in private and parochial schools.

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    'Martha Rasmussen has the ambition to tell a great story on a grand canvas, and she does it admirably well. Rasmussens grasp of Catholic history is thorough, engrossing and filled with excellent discussion questions for personal reflection and group study.'
    , Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, Archbishop of Denver


The Catholic Church The First 2000 Years

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