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The Boy in the Bubble - eBook

Education as Personal Relationship

ISBN13: 9781847304414

Publisher: Veritas

Extent: 202 Pages

Binding: eBook

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  • Mark Patrick Hederman, former headmaster of Glenstal Abbey School, and now Abbot of Glenstal Abbey, looks at the flaws in the Irish education system and how it should be doing more to develop the imagination of our children to help them meet the challenges that lie ahead.


    Drawing on examples from literature and popular culture, Hederman proposes a child-centred model of education, containing self-directed and independent learning, which encourages the student to play an active role.


    By turns cutting and humorous, The Boy in the Bubble is an astute portrait of a system which has been criticised by many as being outdated and destructive, and offers in its place a fresh and progressive vision for the future of education in Ireland.

  • Mark Patrick Hederman

    Mark Patrick Hederman has been a monk of Glenstal Abbey in Limerick for over thirty years. Formerly headmaster of the school, and currently academic dean, he did his doctorate in the philosophy of education. He studied in Paris under Emmanual Levinas. He has lectured in philosophy and literature in America and Nigeria as well as Ireland, and was a founding editor of the cultural journal The Crane Bag. His first book, Kissing the Dark (Veritas, 1999) was a bestseller.

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The Boy in the Bubble - eBook  

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