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The Bible Timeline CD Set

The Story of Salvation (The Great Adventure)

Author(s): Jeff Cavins

ISBN13: 9781932645217

ISBN10: 1932645217

Publisher: Ascension Press (1 Jan 2006)

Size: 23 CD

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  • In this 23-CD Set (twenty-four, 50-min. sessions), Jeff Cavins provides expert commentary and unique insights on the Biblical narrative. These CDs are designed to accompany the lessons in the The Bible Timeline Study Kit, which contains the reading assignments, questions, and responses for the study.


    The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation is the foundational study in The Great Adventure Bible Study Series that has helped hundreds of thousands of Catholics learn to read the Bible.


    The Bible Timeline is a fascinating study that takes participants on a journey through the entire Bible. They will go deep into each period of salvation history and discover the amazing story woven throughout all of Scripture. Using a unique color-coded system, they will learn the major people, places, and events of the Bible and see how they all come together to reveal the remarkable story of our faith. The Bible Timeline has been granted theImprimatur.


    Your Group Will:

     - Read 14 narrative books of the Bible and discover the amazing story woven throughout Scripture

     - Learn how the key people, places, and events in the Bible fit together to reveal Godís plan for humanity

     - Study the Bible from a Catholic perspective and see how our faith is rooted in Sacred Scripture
     - See how the events in the Old Testament are fulfilled in the New Testament by Christ and the Church
     - Gain a greater appreciation for the Scripture readings you hear during Mass
     - See how God reveals himself to us through Scripture and learn how God's Word applies to your life today
     - Develop a life-long hunger for knowing God in his word and lay a strong foundation for further Bible reading and study

  • Jeff Cavins

    Jeff Cavins is recognized both nationally and internationally as an exciting public speaker who has a deep love for Jesus Christ and who communicates his zeal with clarity and enthusiasm. After twelve years as a Protestant pastor, Jeff Cavins returned to the Catholic Church under the guidance of Bishop Paul Dudley.

    Cavins received his MA in Theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville with Catechetical Certification. Prior to that, Jeff received a BA with honors in Humanities from Antioch University, Yellow Springs, Ohio and then went on to receive Bible training from Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, Texas and the Institute of Ministry, Bradenton, Florida. Cavins also graduated from Brown Institute, Minneapolis, Minnesota, a school for radio and television broadcasting.Jeff is the editor and writer of Catholic Scripture Study, along with Dr. Scott Hahn, Mark Shea and others. It is available weekly online through, a non-profit website for Catholics, and also in workbook form. Dr. Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins also taped a thirteen-week one-hour series entitled “Our Father’s Plan.” The format of the show is a journey through the historical periods of the Bible and is currently shown on Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

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    I've always called The Bible Timeline a gift from God because I think that in this one study you can understand so much of salvation history and have the sacraments come alive so strongly. My prayer honestly has been that every Catholic in the country, or maybe in the world, would do it because I think it would light a fire under this Church.

     - Therese Coons


    This study has given me a renewed love of the Word, a desire to learn more, and most of all a closeness to Jesus that I have not experienced before.

     - Linda Fort Smith, Arkansas


    The Bible Timeline gave our Bible study group the clearest and most accessible understanding of the Old Testament that any of us had ever had. It presents solid biblical and scholarly information and does so in a highly engaging and captivating way.

     - Fr. Dave Heney Thousand Oaks, California


    The Bible Timeline series has changed my life. I never would have read the Bible if it wasn't for this, and now I simply adore Scripture. It has given me such insight into the Catholic faith and helps me to understand it's true beauty.

     - Kyley Drach Kamloops, British Columbia


The Bible Timeline CD Set