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The Best of Being Catholic

Author(s): Kathy Coffey

ISBN13: 9781570759789

ISBN10: 1570759782

Publisher: Orbis Books (30 Nov 2012)

Extent: 168 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 22.9 x 15 x 1.3 cm

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  • Here are beautiful, simple, profound insights that few people think about these days when they talk about the Catholic Church. Yet they are truths that make a positive difference in peoples lives. They include:


    - Being Catholic means being a part of a community that remembers Jesus

     - Being Catholic means drawing on rich traditions of spirituality
     - Being Catholic means always having something to celebrate
     - Being Catholic means being part of a family
     - Being Catholic means having examples of splendid heroes and heroines
     - Being Catholic means taking a stand on peace and justice
     - Being Catholic means participating in a universal faith


    At a time when many Catholics have grown frustrated with their church, The Best of Being Catholic reminds us of the powerful treasures and practices that we will never read about in the daily news.




    Table of contents



    Part I: The Beliefs We Cherish


    Introduction: The Inevitable Disclaimer

    Homeless at the Broadmoor - A Tale of Astonishing Abundance

    The Stories We Tell

    The Bold Claims

    The Role of Ritual

    The Words We Treasure

    So Many “Bests”

    The Best-Kept Secrets


    Part II: The Seasons We Celebrate


    Introduction: Feasts, Fasts, and Fun in the Catholic Calendar

    Catholic Identity

    Narrow Box or Big Window?

    Dealing with the Dark - The Feast of All Souls


    A Season of Surprise

    Christmas Themes

    Lent - Places to Pause


    The Parish Nucleus

    Removing Shoes

    The Holy Grounds of the Retreat House


    Part III: The Company We Keep


    Introduction: The Breadth of the Umbrella

    “Glorious Nobodies”

    The Communion of Saints

    A People Ahead of Their Time

    Why I Study Spanish

    Amazon Warrior

    Dorothy Stang

    Singing Mercy

    My Favorite Sister Stories

    Catholics in Collaboration

    The Gospel according to Luke

    A Smorgasbord of Spirituality Styles


    About the Author


  • Kathy Coffey

    Kathy Coffey is an accomplished, award-winning author and former editor for Living the Good News. She is the winner of thirteen awards from the Catholic Press Association and a recipient of the Foley Poetry Award. Her many popular books include Hidden Women of the Gospels, God in the Moment, and Women of Mercy. The mother of four children and greatly appreciated by her many readers for bringing spirituality down to earth, Kathy lives in Denver.

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    I found it irresistibly appealing to consider `the best for me among the treasures in Coffeys brilliant Catholic mosaic. I look forward to the many encouraging conversations that will come from sharing this book with others.

    -Patricia Livingston, Catholic retreat giver and author, Let in the Light


    Kathy Coffey brings us a book full of light and hope in a time when many feel the church is hopelessly in the dark about the needs of modern men and women. Like a litany of the saints, this book leaves the reader enthralled with the goodness and strong beliefs that we cherish together as Catholics. Id like to put this book into the hands of everyone seeking reasons either to join us or to stay put.


    -Bill Huebsch, Director, Vatican II Center for Parish Renewal


    What a refreshing invitation this book presents! We are encouraged to become grounded in the goodness of our faith and, from this location, to embrace the reality of the problems and difficulties in the church and in the world. What a gracious ground and what a splendid book.


    -Mary Jo Leddy, adjunct professor at Regis College, University of Toronto, and author, The Other Face of God

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