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Author(s): Flor McCarthy

ISBN13: 9781853904714

ISBN10: 1853904716

Publisher: Veritas Books

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  • The Berrypicker is a story about addiction and recovery. Damian, an idealistic young man, sets out with some companions to climb a mountain. All goes well until the day he samples some berries he finds growing along the route. The berries have some good effects but other dangerous ones. Damian immediately falls in love with them. The story traces his rapid descent into addiction, the unavailing efforts of his friends to help him, his close brush with death, his rescue and eventual recovery.

    The berries can assume many different forms. Anyone who is suffering from any kind of addiction will find a message of hope here. Even though all the action in the story takes place within the time-span of a year, in actual fact the descent into addiction and the recovery from it can take many years

  • Flor McCarthy

    Flor McCarthy is a Salesian priest whose first ministry was as a catechist and who now serves as a preacher, teacher, writer and teller of stories, in Dublin. Among the books he has written are The Berrypicker, Let the Light Shine: The Gospel Story for Young People, Sunday & Holy Day Liturgies, Funeral Liturgies and Wedding Liturgies.

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