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The Art of Balance

Creating Calm in a Chaotic World

Author(s): John Farrelly

ISBN13: 9781847300652

ISBN10: 1847300650

Publisher: Veritas Publications (13 May 2008)

Extent: 104 pages

Binding: Paperback

Size: 20.8 x 14.2 x 0.9 cm

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  • How do you know when your life is balanced? If you can die today, contented with your life, it is balanced.

    Do you ever feel like a tightrope walker, trying to keep your balance as you walk through life? Do you feel that intimacy, understanding, friendship and acceptance are missing, replaced with feelings of isolation, separation and loneliness?

    These days, we take on so many roles in life, yet in our hearts there is often a void, an empty spot that modern consumption cannot fill. Through a series of accessible, easy to read chapters, The Art of Balance helps the reader to explore practical ways of achieving balance in their lives, despite the chaos of modern living.

    The Art of Balance examines a number of paths towards achieving equilibrium, specifically overcoming the past, soulful communication, spirituality, balancing relationships, raising a happy child and achieving work, life balance.

  • John Farrelly

    John Farrelly is a specialist psychotherapist with over twenty years’ experience in relationship counselling and is one of Ireland’s leading experts in the area of marriage and family. He is a former director of counselling with ACCORD, Ireland’s largest relationship counselling agency, and is now clinical director of Achieve Balance Counselling Service (

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The Art of Balance

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