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Author(s): Jean Danielou

ISBN13: 9780870610561

ISBN10: 0870610562

Publisher: Veritas Warehouse - Ballycoolin D 11

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  • The author, considered to be one of the foremost Catholic theologians in the world, provides the reader with a learned yet readable treatment of the mission of the angels in the econmomy of salvation. He begins by following a historical order, dealing with angels in the world before the Incarnation,during our Lords earthly life, and as presiding over the growth and development of the Church.

    Jean-Guenol?®-Marie Dani?®lou was born at Neuilly-sur-Seine, son of Charles and Madeleine (n?®e Clamorgan). His father was an anticlerical politician, several times minister, and his mother an educator and founder of institutions for womens education. His brother Alain (1907, 1964) was a noted Indologist.
    Dani?®lou studied at the Sorbonne, and passed his agr?®gation in Grammar in 1927. He joined the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1929, becoming an educator, initially at a boys school in Poitiers. He subsequently studied theology at Lyon and was ordained in 1938.
    During World War II, he served with the Arm?®e de lAir (Air Force) in 1939, 1940. He was demobilised and returned to civilian life. He received his doctorate in theology in 1942 and was appointed chaplain to the ENSJF, the female section of the ?ëcole Normale Sup?®rieure, at S?¿vres. It was at this time that he began his work on patristics, the study of the Fathers of the Church. He was one of the founders of the Sources Chr?®tiennes collection. In 1944 he was made Professor of Early Christian History at the Institut Catholique de Paris, and later became dean. In the 1950s, he produced several historical studies, including The Bible and the Liturgy (1956) and The Lord of History (1958), that provided a major impetus to the development of Covenantal Theology (Roman Catholic).
    At the request of Pope John XXIII, he served as an expert to the Second Vatican Council, and in 1969 was made a cardinal by Pope Paul VI. He was elected to the Acad?®mie Fran?ºaise on 9 November 1972, to succeed Cardinal Eug?¿ne-Gabriel-Gervais-Laurent Tisserant.
    His unexpected death in 1974, in the home of a prostitute, was very diversely interpreted. He died on the stairs of a brothel that he was visiting as part of his priestly duties. He used to provide pastoral care to poor people and women of Paris slums.

  • Jean Danielou

    Jean Cardinal Daniélou S.J. (1905-1974) was a French Catholic theologian, historian, and author. Among his works are God and the Ways of Knowing and The Bible and the Liturgy. Toward the end of his life, he devoted much of his time to the poor.

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