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Temptation and Testing

Author(s): Paul Butler

ISBN13: 9780281058402

ISBN10: 0281058407

Publisher: Society for Promoting Christian

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  • There are surprisingly few books on the subject of dealing with temptation. This volume aims to help us recognize how we are tempted, to explore why we so often choose not to do what we know is the right thing and to encourage us to make positive choices. The many real-life stories and anecdotes are underpinned by frequent references to Jesus experience of coping with temptation. What does it really mean to say he was tempted in every way as we are? How can we learn from him so we are better equipped to handle the temptations that come our way? To discover more, we look in turn at pairs of topics: lies & truth, worry & trust, pride & humility, money & contentment, power & service, violence & peace, sexual licence & sexual fidelity, blame & forgiveness, giving up & endurance.

    "Full of real life stories and anecdotes, this refreshingly honest and liberating book tackles the enormously important subject of temptation and testing."
  • Paul Butler

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Temptation and Testing

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