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Author(s): Garland Kirwan

ISBN13: 9780717119103

ISBN10: 0717119106


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  • Teach Me Your Ways is the third textbook in the `Light of the World series. It builds upon and develops the concepts, ideas and doctrines introduced in A New Commandment and Believe the Good News, the first two books of the series.

    The `Light of the World series covers all the topics outlined in the National Syllabus for Religious Education in the junior cycle. It provides further material relating to the liturgical year, the sacraments, the Christian community, prayer, and personal development. Many of the topics are presented in each of the three books, to enable the students to progressively deepen their knowledge and understanding both of Christian doctrine and of their own experience.

    The series is based on an experiential approach to religious education. Each book enables the students to explore important aspects of their experience, and presents the Christian doctrine relating to that experience. Students are encouraged to apply the Christian message to their lives, and to put it into practice.

    In Teach Me Your Ways some of the most important needs and experiences in the lives of fifteen-year-old students are examined. These include their need to love and be loved; their growing awareness of justice and fair play; their concern for the world in which they live and its possible destruction; their compassion for the poor and suffering and their desire to do something to help; their sense of excitement and anxiety as they question the beliefs and values of the Christian community; taking their first steps towards formulating a personal belief and value system; their curiosity and wonder about God and Gods place in their lives; their need for a more meaningful prayer life.

    Teach Me Your Ways does not presume that all these experiences are of equal importance to all students. The questions, exercises, projects, assignments, stories, examples and doctrinal statements are designed to allow each student to explore the experience at his or her own level. The layout of the book enables the teacher to choose those topics that are most appropriate for any one group at any particular time.
  • Garland Kirwan

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