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Swim Little Wombat Swim

Author(s): Charles Fuge

ISBN13: 9781862335912

ISBN10: 1862335915


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  • Little Wombat is so excited! Hes found a new friend to play with who walks strangely, has a funny little face and, most amazingly of all, can swim like a fish in the water! But when Platypus tries teaching Little Wombat to swim, Rabbit and Koala begin to wonder if wombats should, after all, stick to dry land! Another story in the hugely popular Little Wombat series with glorious artwork and featuring a loveable new character.

  • Charles Fuge

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    'Theillustrations are warm and reflectiveThey also depict the humor of the struggle as Wombat learns to swim. This story offers a good lesson about friendship [and] isreassuring.'

    - School Library Journal


Swim Little Wombat Swim

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