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Surprised by Joy: Out of the Darkness

Author(s): Meegan Michael

ISBN13: 9781905379057

ISBN10: 1905379056


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  • This is a story of tragedy and suffering on an epic scale. From the heart of an ancient continent comes a tale as old as time and a journey that is powerful and beautiful. This is a story of passion and love, disaster and corruption.

    It is the story of a mans journey to the poorest areas on Earth and his decades living in absolute poverty. But above all it is a book about grace and the victory of gentleness over cruelty.

    Michael Meegan has a fire within him that cannot be extinguished. This is an inspiring story full of passion, tragedy and drama. This book is about Africa, about Ireland, about friendship and tears; it is an honest, sometimes brutal meditation on what it means to be alive. It sends a powerful message to the world on what needs to be done to save lives and make this world a better place.

    This is the stuff from which legends are made. If there is a book that will touch you, this will be it.

  • Meegan Michael

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Surprised by Joy: Out of the Darkness

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