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Stress: How to De-stress Without Doing Less

Author(s): Kate Middleton

ISBN13: 9780745953731

ISBN10: 0745953735


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  • Stress is a growing problem in modern life, with three out of five visits to the doctor attributed to stress-related problems. But what is it? Who does it affect? And what can be done about it?

    This lucid and helpful book guides us through the symptoms and causes of stress, emphasizing that being stressed is not a sign of being weak but an unavoidable challenge of twenty-first century life - in fact, often the most motivated and successful people experience the highest levels of stress. Debunking the myth that you have to clear your calendar to feel less stressed, Dr Kate Middleton provides tried-and-tested techniques for handling this challenge effectively. Because handling stress well will help you feel better and achieve more, even if it wont make you super(wo)man.

    Dr Kate Middleton has a background in medicine and psychology. She is director of the national charity Anorexia & Bulimia Care and a regular speaker on subjects including common mental health issues, normal psychological development, and specialist topics such as stress and anxiety. Her main interests surround communicating principles and understanding that can contribute to good psychological health.

  • Kate Middleton

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Stress: How to De-stress Without Doing Less

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