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Strength for the Broken Places

Author(s): James Harnish

ISBN13: 9780687657636

ISBN10: 0687657636

Publisher: Abingdon Press

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  • James A. Harnish, from the Introduction: Im broken. So are you. Were all broken people who live in a broken world. The critical question is, how do we find strength to put broken things back together again? This book is an invitation to touch the scars that mark the broken places in our lives, in the same way the risen Christ invited a doubting disciple to touch the nail scars in his hands. It is a challenge to explore some of the dark places in our human experience, to uncover the sinister power of sin, and to experience the way the grace of God meets us in our broken places to bring new life.

  • James Harnish

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    You cant read or know Jim Harnish without knowing his heart for brokenness. There is healing in this book!

    - John 0rtberg, author and pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

    "As a pastor, Jim Harnish has spent a lifetime helping people heal in the broken places of their lives. As a preacher, Jim knows just what to say to help Gods healing begin. In this book a wise pastor and preacher offers wise, faithful help for healing."

    - William H. Willimon, author and United Methodist bishop

    "Jim Harnish deftly explores Gods quirky knack for doing the greatest work in our lives, not by means of our strength or around our weakness but straight through our brokenness. Read this book to bear and wear your scars as stigmata of divine power and blessing."

    - Leonard I. Sweet, Drew University, George Fox University

    "As I read this book, I was reminded of my own broken places and the continued need to keep the transformation of my inner self and the health of my relationships as a daily priority."

    - Michael Slaughter, lead pastor, Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church


Strength for the Broken Places

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