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Stories with Intent

A Comprehensive GT the Parables of Jesus

Author(s): Klyne Snodgrass

ISBN13: 9780802842411

ISBN10: 0802842410

Publisher: W.B.Eerdmans

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  • Stories with Intent offers pastors and students an accessible and comprehensive guide to Jesus parables. Klyne Snodgrass explores in vivid detail the context in which these stories were told, the purpose they had in Jesus message, and the ways they have been interpreted by the church and modern scholarship. While holding a consciously evangelical approach, Snodgrass deals throughout with a broad spectrum of opinions and interpretations.

    He begins by surveying the primary issues in parables interpretation. Offering both a new, more functional classification system for Jesus parables and guidelines for interpreting them, he provides an overview of other parables , often neglected in the discussion , from the Old Testament, Jewish writings, and the Greco-Roman world. The remaining chapters group the longer and more important parables of Jesus thematically and give a comprehensive treatment of each, including background and significance for today.

  • Klyne Snodgrass

    Klyne Snodgrass (PhD, University of St. Andrews) is professor of biblical literature and holder of the Paul W. Brandel Chair of New Testament Studies at North Park Theological Seminary.

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    'This book is a simply stunning achievement. Klyne Snodgrass discusses Jesus parables with theological sensitivity, with careful attention to comparable Jewish and Greco-Roman traditions, and in dialogue with the mountain of secondary literature. Scholar and student alike will appreciate its admirable clarity and its numerous fresh suggestions. This wide-ranging book has no rival: it will be the book on the parables for the next decade and beyond.'

    - Graham Stanton, University of Cambridge

    'Convinced that the parables are the most certain avenue for access to Jesus teaching, Klyne Snodgrass analyzes all of them with skill, care, and imagination. As a seasoned teacher and scholar, he outlines steps for the interpreter to follow, provides historical and cultural background materials, and engages the parables theologically. No one has located the parables as clearly and forcefully within the prophetic tradition of Israel, thereby providing a new approach to their vitality.'

    - Arland J. Hultgren, Luther Seminary

    'Bravo! Stories with Intent is the culmination of Klyne Snodgrasss lifetime of reflection on the parables. It shows a wealth of discernment in the clarity of its presentation, the soundness of its reasoning, the choice of citation and parallels, and the care of its argument. No study of the parables is as crisply structured as it answers the questions readers often raise about these stories. Here is a book with intent, and it succeeds exceptionally well in opening up a key dimension of Jesus ministry and teaching.'

    - Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary

    'I have been looking for a book like this on the parables all my career. I celebrate its appearance.'

    - Charles H. Talbert, Baylor University

    'Here in one volume is the latest and best interpretation of the parables of Jesus. This book is sure to be received as a fine resource for engaging proclamation of the parables.'

    - William H. Willimon, Bishop, North Alabama Conference, United Methodist Church

    'In Stories with Intent Klyne Snodgrass has fulfilled his promise of a comprehensive guide to the parables of Jesus. . . . Whatever angle the reader brings to the study of the parables, this book brings rich resources to illuminate that study. It is necessary reading for anyone interested in the parables and teaching of Jesus.'

    - John Painter, St. Marks School of Theology, Charles Sturt University

    'Stories with Intent is a very helpful and inspiring book, written for pastors and scholars, for students of the Bible, and for laypeople interested in the teaching of Jesus. It contains an abundance of well-arranged valuable information about the history of research and the Old Testament, Jewish, Greco-Roman, and social backgrounds of the parables, at the same time leading readers to the center of Jesus teaching. A wonderful book.'

    - Martin Hengel, University of Tóbingen

    "This book will become an academic standard for the study of parables and Jesus. Essential. (Four Stars)."

    - CHOICE


Stories with Intent

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