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Step Up

A Vital Process for Spiritual Renewal

Author(s): Richard Meyer

ISBN13: 9780806651354

ISBN10: 0806651350

Publisher: Augsbury Fortress

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  • Meyer has creatively re-purposed the Twelve Steps , used successfully in many drug and alcohol recovery programs , into a biblically based model for change and spiritual renewal. He shows how the Twelve Steps can be a tool for spiritual healing for everyone, not just the addicted. Meyer divides the process into four phases: the Give-Up Steps, the Clean-Up Steps, the Make-Up Steps, and the Keep-It-Up Steps. He then describes how the steps can be used individually, with a partner, or in a small group to bring about personal transformation.

  • Richard Meyer

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    When reading this book I wanted to laugh and shake my head at the same time. In my opinion this is a book that is asking the reader to take his or her life and confront every issue. If there was to be a new title for this book I would say Stepping up to me, stepping up to God

    This deals with the hidden challenges that are buried within the mind, soul and spirit of an individual. This book is not a twelve step to success to glory. Yes there are sections with the words steps but in walking through the process of the suggested reading and the process of being open with your self, people that you confide in and with God this is a walk to complete healing as you go.

    This book takes you beyond doing the required motions for a quick result for what ever the challenge may be. It requires you to look at the real you. As I stated before that I wanted to laugh when I saw this book. This is a real life issue book that is able to help many realize that there is help. With a person or persons that will support and stand with you as you go through the steps of healing you will be able to see that the God of the scriptures is true to His word I will never leave you nor forsake you because He will me manifested in the ones that supports you. He will be the Christ within them providing hope to the person(s) giving them confidence that they can go through the process for a Spiritual Renewal.

    This book is one that I can relate to in my personal life and has a wealth of information that I can use in my personal life as well as when I am working with young people. There are sections that deal with confessing, sharing the hurts to being honest as well opening up and moving forward. I am learning that in the challenge as the renewal process is being established there are things that are being taught within that a person can share to others of the victories that are won on a daily or weekly basis as they move forward in winning the war within themselves. A persons story of renewal will be strength and assurance to another reader that the quest to Spiritual Renewal is attainable if they Step Up.

    - Richard Peyton

    Meyers unique writing calls us to serious sharing on personal and spiritual levels."

    - Dr. Charles Denison, Associate Director for New Church Development, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

    "Dick Meyer is the best small group facilitator I know in the country."

    - Dennis Denning, author of We Are One in the Lord: Developing Caring Groups in the Church

    "How did you do it, Richard? From your opening transparent-to-the-heart story, you had me. Then you drew me deeper as you wove profound biblical insights in and around the historic AA Twelve Steps. This is a wonderful read and an outstanding resource - not just for those other folks with addictive needs. Its for all of us who thirst deeply for spiritual vitality and life-transformation."

    - Daryl L. Smith, Associate Professor of Supervised Ministry and Christian Leadership, Asbury Theological Seminary-Orlando

    "Richard Meyer, one of the worlds leading small group experts, shows us how the life-restoring Twelve Steps may be used as powerful, personal spiritual disciplines for healing and encouragement. I cant wait to put Step Up into the hands of our caregivers, our small group leaders, and many ordinary people."

    - E. Stanley Ott, Ph.D., Senior Pastor, Pleasant Hills Community Presbyterian Church, Pittsburgh; President, The Vital Churches Institute

    "Once again Richard Meyer gives us a book that is readable, vulnerable, and practical, Step Up communicates the power of AA to those of us whose lives have become unmanageable because of things other than alcohol."

    - Doug Wysockey-Johnson, Executive Director, Faith at Work

    "As a Christian therapist who is often called upon to explore the spiritual aspects of clients lives, I find this book has a fresh outlook on how often our psychological lives and spiritual lives affect each other. I especially found the end-of-chapter questions helpful and thought provoking."

    - Susan Smith, LCSW, LMHP, Clinical Social Worker


Step Up

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